A 28-day devotional of what God is FOR and what we are FOR

When most people think of "Christians" they think of judgmental, hateful, screaming people they have encountered in-person or on the media. We, though, want to give them a new picture - a picture of grace, love, hope, and genuineness.

We are on a mission of being a church FOR messed up people, led by messed up people, just trying to introduce everyone to the One who can clean up the mess.

Come on a journey of growth, encouragement, and challenge as we orient our lives FOR God.

Your Instructor

Brandon Kelley
Brandon Kelley

Hey there. I'm Brandon and I serve as the outreach & communications pastor here at The Crossing. I love to teach God's word and am so excited that you're considering joining in on this journey God is taking us on as a church.

Let's grow together.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the devotional start?
The devotional starts as soon as you sign up.
Is this the same as the sermon series on Sundays?
Yes and no. As we go through the FOR... sermon series on Sunday mornings, this will be a perfect supplemental experience throughout the week. It's different content, but the same theme.
Does each devotional take long?
Not at all. This devotional is designed to be bite-sized and will take a couple minutes each day to complete.

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